(Technical information)

Q  How can respondents get more specific information not uploaded on the IRID’s website?

A  Please refer to Bacic data of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant(summary), Basic data of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plants(equipment and size) and Links for reference for support information, such as drawings and dimensions. IRID will answer further questions if respondents contact by e-mail. Please be noted that the scope of the answer shall be in a range based on information that has been published by the government or TEPCO.

Q  Can respondents ask questions by phone on either technical information or handling of information submitted to this RFI?

A   Please be advised respondents contact by e-mail as much as possible, allowing IRID to feed back more accurate response to such inquiries.
E-mail: fd@irid.or.jp

Q  There are four items; A-1, A-2, B-1 and B-2 in the RFI topics.
To which item should respondents submit information if contents are cross-cutting over several topics?

A   Please choose the item which is considered to be most relevant to submitted information.

(Process/ projects after RFI)

Q  How will information be treated after submission? What will happen if my submission
is selected?

A  The purpose of this RFI is to ask for submission of information which is helpful for discussion on items and specifications of future RFP projects, and IRID does not judge adoption or rejection of the submitted information. In addition, no solicitation for offer of any contract with IRID, Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) or the Japanese government is made with this RFI.

Q  What will the plan after RFI be like?

A   Although it is subject to the governmental and Diet direction of budgeting and approval, items and specifications for request for proposal (RFP) regarding feasibility study (F/S) and conceptual study (C/S) of the R&D projects which is the subsequent step in IRID, are to be discussed based on the information submitted to this RFI.

Q  If respondents submit information to this RFI, how will it lead to the subsequent RFP?

A  This RFI asks respondents only to submit information and the submission is not essential condition for submitting proposal to RFP. All Respondents to this RFI will be invited, by some ways, to the WS that IRID plans to arrange in late April, 2014.

Q   What is the purpose of the project workshop that IRID plans to hold in late April, 2014?

A   At this project workshop, the consortium of plant manufactures currently having membership in IRID will present the result of feasibility study which is entrusted by TEPCO, and also present the progress and outcomes of series of relevant R&D projects conducted by them. In addition, this WS is also aimed at providing opportunities for the respondents to this RFI and consortium of the plant manufactures to understand technologies and expertise of each other and obtain better outcomes. Although IRID is not pledged to develop partnership, IRID will provide the respondents with support such as introducing Japanese companies as per requested.

Q   Is there any opportunity to apply for coming RFP as planned after 2013 without submission to this RFI?

A   Submission to this RFI is not a prerequisite for RFP. Even as such, IRID would much
appreciate participation in this RFI stage.

Q  Will reimbursement for costs incurred by respondents to this RFI be provided?

A   Reimbursement is not available and we ask respondents to bear such cost.

(Treatment of information submitted and intellectual Property Rights)

Q   Will the result of RFI be disclosed to the public? Can respondents identify information that they don’t wish to be publicly disclosed?

A   Form-1 under RFI will be listed and disclosed without any change, Form-2, supplemental documents and Form-3 are not supposed to be disclosed to the public. If, however, respondents agree to disclose some of support documents to the public, please mark the check box just below “Summary information” on the web Form-1.
Please be advised that such specifications may be disclosed to the public as it may partially be reflected in some items or specifications in the R&D project.

Q     Is there any risk for respondent’s to be taken ideas and/or technologies by others?
In the view of confidentiality, how does IRID treat information provided by respondents ?

A     Please submit to RFI according to the classification mentioned above, and note again that any information provided by each forms may be referred to in the course of discussion on items and specifications of future R&D projects and may be disclosed to the public as it may partially be reflected in some items or specifications in the R&D project.
As written in Terms and Condition, if submitted information contains invention design etc. which may qualify for corresponding intellectual property rights (IPR) such as patent or design rights, it is the Respondent’s responsibility to process appropriate applications for IPR prior to submission of the information under the RFI.
In addition, the Respondent shall provide appropriate notes, at the time of submission of the information, about whether the application for IPR is planned, the IPR is applied for or the IPR is already registered by the Respondent or by the third party.
*As for handling intellectual property rights (IPR), please read carefully and understand the Terms and Conditions of the RFI.

Q  Can IRID make sure the appropriate protection of intellectual property rights (IPR)?

A   Any transfer of existing IPR is not envisaged. Also, IRID will not automatically acquire the right or license to use the IPR from the Respondents upon this RFI.
If the Respondent has any subjects/concerns on submitted information in relation to IPR to be coordinated with IRID, the Respondent and IRID shall jointly discuss prior to
the conclusion of the contract of F/S etc. regarding R&D in the next phase of the fuel debris retrieval project.

(Web form, submission deadline, language)

Q Can respondents explain the contents of information by mail, or in person, not through web forms?

A  As requested in the RFI, please input information through the specialized web form, and
such input is expected to be done by respondents to ensure fairness. In addition, IRID cannot reply to questions regarding ways of using PC and the internet itself.

Q  How can respondents submit information if the size of information exceeds the limitation of specialized web form?

A  To ensure fairness, please submit information up to the limitation of specialized web form. As for support documents, please upload up to the size limitation as requested in the RFI.

Q  Can respondents describe URLs for detailed information, company information, moving images, etc. for further explanation?

A  Since IRID reviews information to this RFI and considers RFP items based on descriptions on specialized web form and support documents, please clearly describe necessary information on such form and documents.

(Response Submission Deadline)

Q  Can respondents submit information after the submission deadline?

A  Specialized web form will be closed at 17:00(JST) on January 31, 2014.
Please make sure respondents submit information by that time.


Q  As IRID is working on encouraging collaboration and alliance with worldwide fellow colleagues for international collaboration, how should respondents choose language(s) for submission?

A  Please submit in Japanese or English. When submitted in Japanese, IRID would appreciate it if the respondent also submits in English. Since Form-1 will be disclosed to the public as it is, if the respondent fills in the form only in Japanese, IRID will translate the information into English preliminarily for public disclosure or reviews by foreign experts.