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Research and Development

Removal of Fuel from Spent Fuel Pools

IRID will conduct research and development (R&D) on the evaluation methods for long-term integrity of the materials of fuel assemblies, etc., unloaded from spent fuel pools, as well as on the disposal method of damaged fuel, etc.

Retrieval of Fuel Debris

IRID will conduct R&D on:

  • - The technologies for remote decontamination in reactor buildings, and also for devising a comprehensive plan for dose reduction.
  • - The technologies for investigating and repairing (water stoppage) required for water filling of the Primary Containment Vessel (PCV), and for investigating inside the PCV and the reactor pressure vessel (RPV).
  • - The methods and equipment for retrieving fuel debris and core internals, and technologies for criticality control and methods for nuclear material accountancy of fuel debris as well as for accommodating, transferring, and storing of fuel debris.
  • - The technologies for understanding the characteristics of fuel debris by using simulated debris, analyzing the properties of actual debris, and treating fuel debris.
  • - The technologies for assessing structural integrity of the PCV/RPV, as well as for understanding conditions inside the reactor by enhancing the technology of accident progression analysis.

Treatment and Disposal of Radioactive Wastes

IRID will conduct R&D on the treatment and disposal of solid waste including secondary waste generated from treatment of contaminated water.