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IRID President Hideo Ishibashi Delivers Lecture at RADIEX 2017
(October 20, 2017)

The Environmental Radioactivity Measures & Radioactive Waste Disposal International Exhibition, “RADIEX 2017,” was held in Tokyo between October 18 and 20, 2017. This event was organized by Kankyoshimbunsya Co., Ltd. IRID President Hideo Ishibashi delivered a lecture “R&D of Decommissioning-related Technologies at IRID” on the status of research and development for fuel debris retrieval. IRID also presented panels to introduce attendees to its activities.

<RADIEX 2017 Symposium>
Date and time: October 20 (Friday), 2017, 10:30 – 14:30
Place: Exhibition Hall, Science Museum (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)

This is the 6th year of RADIEX. The exhibition was aimed at introducing comprehensive environmental radioactivity measures, including decommissioning technology and various technologies for products and services related to radioactivity measurement, decontamination, radioactive wastes, and interim storage facilities. According to an organizer, RADIEX 2017 was attended by over 5,600 people.

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